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Sourcing Savings, Improving Profitability

Our Pa​rtner A​greements


Apptio's  applications help technology and finance leaders make smart decisions as they plan, analyze, and optimize technology investments in digital transformation. 

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

A regional and national advocate of business and industry support working alongside companies of all sizes within the community. 

Solution Partners

Apptio offers industry leading   products that increase organizational awareness in spend, savings and vendor management. As an Apptio partner Capex can  assist in  deployment of Apptio products and services with our clients to help improve spend awareness and analysis. 

Supporting Delivery

Capex Procurement Limited can draw on the expertise offered by the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce  to deliver value add services to our clients such as; training, documentation guidance and advice  & forum support. 

Case Studi​es & Article Topics

Enterprise Spend & Savings 

A holistic overview of procurement best practice to help generate essential savings across the business to meet strategic objectives. Subjects  include;  

  • Understanding Cost & Savings Types
  • Differentiating between Capex & Opex
  • Importance of Documenting  Vendor Spend Analysis 
  • How To Conduct Vendor Spend Analysis 
  • Additional Considerations For Improving The Bottom Line

Building Sustainable Savings 

Helping businesses understand approaches to sustainable    savings and methodologies  to  nurture savings within the business organically. 

Subjects Include; 

  • Supplier Relationship Planning 
  • Supplier Tiering Models 
  • Advice on Benchmarking 
  • Considerations For  Supply Chain Charters 

Vendor Relationship Management 

Understanding the key considerations  for supplier relationship management and subsequent benefits to the business are vital in building a fit-for-purpose enterprise procurement  function. 

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Visit our LinkedIn by  clicking the  icon on the left to  see all of the latest articles we publish on a weekly basis. Don't forget to follow us to stay informed of all Case Studies and Procurement Articles which will help your achieve your strategic objectives    and  elevate your procurement function. 

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