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Sourcing Savings, Improving Profitability

The Capex Story

Learn a little bit more about our story and our values we hold dear 

Starting Small and Aiming High 

Founded in 2010 Capex Procurement Limited was built on the primary belief that we can deliver first class procurement services with first class results. 

Initially a single team member back in 2010 we now have multiple resources and associate resources that we can deploy to ensure we meet your strategic objectives, savings targets and procurement ambitions. 

In our first decade it has been clear from our experience  that excellent customer service has been the foundation stone of our best practice and positive industry feedback. 

Cross-industry Experience 

Throughout our tenure we have partnered with clients across multiple industries that operate both domestically to the UK and have Global presence. We have industry insight from the following industries; Manufacturing, Rail, Renewables, Construction, Fashion, Support Services, Consulting and Outsourcing. 

Whilst we specialise in IT procurement processes and practices we are not averse to sourcing and procuring goods and services that excel you towards fulfilment of your organisastions' strategic objectives. 

Looking to the Future  

As we continue to improve our service offering we look to a world of increased digital footprint as we explore new ways of working and delivering our services to an ever more interconnected business world. 

With our first successful 10 years in the book, alongside our efforts to explore our digital footprint we are forecasting for additions to our team and service offering. This will allow us to continue to be dynamic and offering you even more services and expertise to solve your procurement and sourcing needs.

The Capex Mission 

It is our aim to provide an exceptional comprehensive procurement service to ensure the customer receives the maximum return on investment resulting in improved efficiency and profitability.

Capex Values 

Putting The 


Putting the customer first is our number one value and company mantra. We ensure our services are delivered with you in mind and we ensure all decisions and outcomes are  tailored to the customers requirements.

High Quality 

Control Standards 

We believe our work should be carried out with high attention to detail to maximise our output to the customer. We therefore pride ourselves on committing to excellent document control and quality standards. 

Sustainable & Ethical Management 

Capex Procurement Limited strives to provide equal opportunities for client and team alike. We look to develop our team responsibly and ensure we act ethically and fairly as every business should.  

Best Practice & 


As professionals we ensure that codes of best practice are always conducted with the client. Trust and Professionalism are two values we hold dear and we will always represent these when working with you. 

Industry Awareness

As we work with new clients it is our responsibility to fully immerse ourselves with everything about the client. We conduct wider industry awareness and research ensuring we represent your interests as best as possible. 

Enjoying What We do 

One of our lesser conventional values but very important to us is that we enjoy what we do. Representing clients, building relationhsips and meeting common goals is all part and parcel of what makes us tick as a business - and we love it!  

Meet the Capex Team